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Hello 2020! Money, Beauty, Health & Lifestyle Resolutions

Welcoming the new year 2020 with some new resolutions relating to money, lifestyle, mental health, fitness and work-life-balance!

Ahh, can you believe we are now in year 2020?! Happy new year and a happy new decade, folks! I spent the first two weeks of the new decade elbow-deep in work but nothing could dull my excitement for this new year!

As with most people, I always start the new year with a bunch of resolutions. I used to have these really big, life-contrasting resolutions that I couldn’t keep up with so this year, I decided to come up with some realistic resolutions that I can commit to! Resolutions are good, but they have to be realistic and be what you really want and not just because everybody else is saying or doing it! Anyhoo, I thought I’d share my resolutions with you. 🙂

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I used to have very low EQ when it comes to buying things. In the words of Arianna Grande, “I want it, I got it” LOL! That was literally me, but just recently, I realized how wasteful I was. I needed to stop buying things just because I find something cute or interesting. Last Christmas, I surprised myself by not going crazy over the holiday sales and I want to continue that in 2020 (and beyond). I also want to be completely debt-free by the end of the year and build up my savings — wish me luck!


This is somewhat tied to the first resolution. I need to stop buying things I just want and don’t need. When my younger sister moved out and I rearranged my room, I went on a cleaning binge and realized how much stuff I have and I ended up letting go of a lot of things. Some beauty things that were barely used but already expired, some old clothing, shoes and bags that weren’t in the best condition or I no longer wanted, some books that I’ve read but didn’t really enjoy enough to keep to reread… you know, things that I’ve kept but didn’t really spark joy anymore.

new year 2020 resolutions related to mental health, fitness, lifestyle, work-life-balance


I have a very simple skincare routine – cleanse-tone-moisturize-eye cream-sunscreen plus the occasional masking/skin clearing routine – but I have been wanting to up my skincare game. I’ve been looking at Retinoids and some skin treatments I can try. I am also known for leaving the house without at least brushing my hair (HAHA) so that’s something I want to work on this year. Chok chok skin and smooth, combed hair here I come! LOL!!!

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Since I started working, I haven’t really taken a lot of vacations or breaks. I also work on weekends so it’s pretty much work all year long for me. I’ve just never been the type to want to take time off from work (workaholic much, no?) and I always end up saying yes to way too many things LOL but these last couple of years, I realized how important it is to unplug and relax and just breathe. I want to have time to read more books, go on holidays, meditate — experience the good stuff without having to think about work or deadlines or whatever I over-committed to!


2019 was about rediscovering the things that I like and one of the things I rediscovered was my love for nature and being active. Not just exercise-active (which I also need to do more of) but more like paddle-boarding, kayaking, hiking. All of these things I tried and loved in 2019 so I want to do more of them this year. I also want to commit to drinking more water and eliminating sugary drinks from my diet. I haven’t drank soda in maybe 3 years? 4 years? I still drink the occasional juice (Pineapple Juice is one of my faves, along with Four Seasons and the Peanut Butter Mood from Jamba Juice) but I want to minimize that this year. 

new year 2020 resolutions related to mental health, fitness, lifestyle, work-life-balance beagle puppy photo zoezoe

So those are my 5 resolutions for 2020 related to money, lifestyle, mental health and overall health. Definitely doable and realistic – but impactful as well. Wish me luck and if you’ve made your resolutions, I wish you all the best too! We can do this!!! 2020 is going to be our best year yet!

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