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Online Delivery Services #QuarantineDiaries

Sharing with you a list of online delivery services for essential goods and produce that I’ve tried.

What a time to be alive, huh? This global pandemic has impacted all of our lives in ways we never could have imagined. The things we used to take for granted are now things we miss and look forward to doing again — like hug people, have coffee or dinner with friends, go to the mall, go to the office… *sigh*

These days, I find myself opting to buy food and supplies online instead of going to the stores to minimize the risk of contracting the virus. I don’t know about you, but as the household “tribute” (ala Hunger Games lol), I worry so much every time I go out so I try to minimize it as much as possible. I found suppliers for food (vegetables, chicken, meats), as well as bread and the furbabies’ food, and I thought I’d share them in case you are looking for online stores or suppliers as well. 


LazMart on Lazada online delivery service for essential goods

For grocery needs that are not time-sensitive (AKA we still have stock, but we need to replenish) like tissue rolls, additional sugar, creamer, etc, we buy from Lazmart on Lazada. The delivery window is about two weeks, but most of our deliveries came way before the promised delivery dates. 

For canned goods and alcohol, they enforce a quantity limit (I believe it’s 5 cans for canned goods and 2 for alcohol). Most items go out of stock pretty quickly, but they often restock too. LazMart offers free shipping on orders over Php2,500, which is great. In our experience, the deliveries arrive separately. Our first order was separated into 3 boxes and arrived on three different days. 


PanDeManila online delivery during quarantine ECQ metro manila philippines

My family are bread-eaters. Mom and dad, pre-Corona, would always buy fresh bread to eat in the morning while they had their morning coffee; big sis and nephew would have it for baon. I love freshly baked bread too and have a soft spot for Pan de Sal. So when my sister saw a post on Facebook that Pan De Manila offers delivery of their breads, she kept bugging me to order for the family (my big bro and younger sis too who live in the same area as we do). We reached out to them via Facebook and Alnie, one of the folks in charge of their online deliveries, sent me a message on Viber. 

It was a very easy transaction and Alnie was so accommodating. The first time we ordered, she arranged our Lalamove, but the second time, I arranged it because she said they had too many orders to process and could not arrange the pick up for me – which was completely fine. Really good bread, great service. 


Dogfood online shopping from Real Nature Pet Food Philippines

As a Crazy Dog Lady, I obviously could not forget the fur babies! I was trying to find a pet store that delivers and carries pet food made with natural ingredients, and that’s how I found Real Nature Pet Food. Their dog food are a little on the more expensive side (a little over Php1,100 for a 2KG pack), but that’s normally the case for good quality dog food that are made with natural, quality ingredients. 

They have an online store on Lazada, but it’s best to reach out to them via Facebook so you can check what items are available and what your delivery options are. It was a fast and easy transaction, and the furbabies like the food!


Buying fresh vegetables and produce for online delivery

I am a big veggie eater. I like to, as much as possible, eat a lot of veggies but veggies are hard to come by these days. My brother found this online store and sent to me ‘cos he knew that I was looking for a an online veggie grocer. I sent a message to Gulay, Karne at Isda via their Facebook and received a response in just a few short hours. They sent me their pricelist and answered all my questions with patience LOL. My veggies were delivered the next day, in good condition! I’ve ordered from them again (just last Tuesday) and received the same personable service. Oh and they offer free delivery for orders over Php500 too!

The only caveat though is they have a limited area of delivery – they only deliver within Paranaque and some areas in Muntinlupa. Definitely check them out if you live in these two cities. 


Fresh produce for delivery from Homegrown Organics

Another online veggie grocer, I saw Homegrown Organics first before Gulay, Karne at Isda. I placed my order on March 31 2020, and paid via bank deposit. On the email I received, they said the tentative delivery date was April 4 to 5. They asked me to confirm my details and that I would be available on the above-mentioned dates. I responded to their email and unfortunately, April 5 came and went without an update or a delivery from them. 

At this point, I had sent them three separate text messages, and finally received a response that they were experiencing a very high volume of orders. I understood because given the current situation, more folks are buying online and they weren’t prepared for the deluge of orders. Received my order on April 8th, and all the veggies were fresh! I guess it was all worth the wait. I think they were (and still are) getting a lot of orders, so try to reach out to them before placing your order or only order if you are willing to wait. 

I’ve seen that other stores deliver (like Watson’s, Metromart, Lander’s, Boulangerie22 – but I haven’t tried their online processing and delivery services yet. I’ll update the list if we try other online delivery services in the future. 

I hope this “short and sweet” list helps you during this Corona crisis, and I hope that you are staying safe and healthy at home. If you are a front-liner, THANK YOU SO MUCH for the work that you do! Love and light!

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