Serious Eats easy drop biscuit recipe to make at home just 5 ingredients

Quick and Easy Drop Biscuit Recipe by Serious Eats

A quick and easy Drop Biscuit recipe from Serious Eats, tried and tested in my kitchen!
You only need 5 ingredients, and it’s toaster oven-friendly too!

Last week, I was idly watching Instagram Stories when I stumbled upon Liz Lanuzo’s story of her homemade drop biscuits. She shared that she followed the recipe from Serious Eats so I looked it up. It seemed pretty easy and I had all the ingredients so I thought, WHY NOT? I was craving for something soft and savory and this seemed like the perfect option. 

Serious Eats easy drop biscuit recipe to make at home just 5 ingredients

You only need a few things: Butter, Kosher Salt, All Purpose Flour, Baking Powder and Milk. If you don’t have kosher salt, you can substitute with regular salt, but kosher tastes better. The recipe also called for whole milk, but I used Full Cream milk instead since that was what I had. 

Unfortunately, I do not have an oven at the moment, so I used my toaster oven instead. I lined my pans with foil and brushed butter so that the cookie won’t stick to the foil, then baked the cookies for 20 minutes in the toaster. I also ended up flattening the second batch of cookies, which according to my nephew, looked better LOL. Here’s the drop biscuit recipe from Serious Eats.

Serious Eats easy savory biscuit to make at home toaster friendly

For this recipe, I was able to make 17 small biscuits. It’s really good and the texture is nice too! This goes perfectly well with Chicken and Gravy (ala Popeye’s) or steak. It’s also great on it’s own, with tea or with coffee. We put the biscuits in a glass jar and it looks so fancy now haha!

Serious Eats easy savory butter biscuits toaster friendly and easy to make at home

I enjoyed making these biscuits. Not only do they taste good, it was fairly inexpensive and easy to make too! This is a great “project” for kids this quarantine, or if you just fancy something savory that’s similar to bread but better LOL. 

Serious Eats easy drop biscuit recipe to make at home just 5 ingredients

Let me know if you make these, or if you have easy recipes you swear by too – would love to try! I hope you and yours are staying safe, happy and healthy (physically, mentally and emotionally) during this quarantine period. Love and light!

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