Osmo Pocket Philippines Review Product Shots and Sample Footage

DJI Osmo Pocket Review & Sample Footage | Philippines

Osmo Pocket Philippines Review Product Shots and Sample Footage

Since I first saw the promotional video of the DJI Osmo Pocket back in December, I was intrigued. It was small, easy to carry around and had great stabilization. Since I was on the hunt for a new easy-to-bring camera for taking videos, I knew I had to check it out. I was originally planning on getting the GoPro Hero7 but I knew I wasn’t going to maximize it since I don’t need to take a lot of “action” shots. I needed something that offered great video quality, great audio quality and a stable video output… and based on the Osmo Pocket promotional materials, it seemed like this would be the perfect match for me!

Osmo Pocket Philippines Review Product Shots and Sample Footage

I must have watched all the Osmo Pocket reviews on Youtube trying to decide whether getting one was a good decision, or if I was better off getting the GoPro Hero7 or even the Canon G7x. After a LOT of research, I finally decided that I would get the Osmo Pocket over the rest because I feel that it would fit my needs better. As I mentioned, I knew I wasn’t going to be able to maximize the GoPro plus I really don’t like the fisheye style of the videos and the color output was too warm for me. The G7x I just could not justify as I just got a DSLR and I also have an NX-Mini for when I don’t want to bring a huge camera.

Fast forward to January 2019, I must have called all the tech and photo/video stores but none of them had stock. Even the local DJI authorized reseller didn’t have stock and although they were expecting shipments to arrive soon, they were hesitant to give me a date. I asked Kathleen, the lady who took my initial call, to send me updates as to when the stocks arrive and she did, even to just update me that they were still waiting. That’s great customer service, eh?

Osmo Pocket Philippines Review Product Shots and Sample Footage

So I was fully resigned to the idea that I wouldn’t get my hands on the Osmo Pocket because ALL the stores I called said they didn’t have stocks and wouldn’t have any until perhaps late February or early March… so imagine my surprise when I saw that iClickPH had 5 Osmo Pockets on display last February 4 at the Photoworld Asia event in Glorietta. It was truly serendipitous as I had no intention of checking out the booths, but lo and behold, there it was, in the corner booth, practically calling to me as I was passing by the event area on my way to Sunnies Face. HAHAHA! After some discussion with my friend “Should I get it now? But I had no plans to get it today. What do you think – buy now or wait? What difference does it make? But they don’t have accessories yet? Can I wait? Let me call my big brother to help me with this decision. Hello Kuya, should I get it now? Yes? Get the accessories separately? Sure? You think that is the best decision? Okay!” I find it funny how I was still on the fence when it came to buying time even though I already decided I wanted to get it – hey, money doesn’t grow on trees, ya know! A debate always ensues whenever I need to buy anything major because I hate feeling buyer’s remorse! Anyway, long story short, I ended up getting one of the 5 Osmo Pockets available.

Osmo Pocket Philippines Review Product Shots and Sample Footage

Now onto the important stuff – after having the Osmo Pocket for almost 2 weeks now, I have some thoughts, tips and feedback I can share with you guys!

Osmo Pocket Philippines Review Product Shots and Sample Footage

I got the DJI Osmo Pocket from iClickPH for Php23,200 at 0% interest for 6 months. Maria, the iClickPH personnel who assisted me was very kind. I asked if they could include an SD Card so I can start using it as soon as I am able to set it up but unfortunately, her boss said no (he wasn’t very nice when he said it either – “kung ang cash nga wala, ano pa kaya yang naka installment?” tsk tsk tsk, I mean I understand – some people can get very unreasonable asking for freebies, but what I didn’t like was the tone and the fact that he wasn’t fazed that the customer would hear what he said. Very bad customer service indeed.)  Anyway, I appreciated that Maria tried and appreciate even more her helpfulness. After processing the documentation and paying for the OP, off I went – excited to start using the Osmo Pocket right then and there… but I forgot that you cannot use the Osmo Pocket straight out of the box. Why? Because:

  • It has to be fully charged.
  • It has to be activated.

To activate the Osmo Pocket, you need:

  • A compatible SD Card (I use a 64gb SDXC from Sandisk that I got from the official Sandisk Lazada Store for Php515)
  • The DJI Mimo App, which you can download from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

This process roughly takes about 2 hours mostly due to waiting for the OP to fully charge. Activation is super quick!

Osmo Pocket Philippines Review Product Shots and Sample Footage
I like to label everything…

You may also need to update the firmware, which takes about 15 to 30 minutes. Make sure that your SD Card is a “fast speed” SD Card because I used one of my old, spare SD cards at home and because it was a “Low Speed SD”, I kept getting an error message when I was updating the OP. I ended up taking the SD Card I use for the NX Mini, popped it into the Osmo Pocket and the update went through without any issues. I was honestly scared that something was wrong with my unit but changing the SD Card did the trick! I have since upgraded my SD Card to a 64gb one from Sandisk.

Here are the specs for the Osmo Pocket. I am not going to go through them one by one because honestly, I am not much of a photography/videography techie (just a noob lol) but I thought I’d include it in here in case you are interested. The gadget itself feels very sturdy and weighty (in a good way) considering how small it is. I like the matte black packaging as it makes it look very chic and sleek. I also love that they included a carrying case. Must protect the gimbal!!!

Osmo Pocket Product Details

As for video quality, the Osmo Pocket has 4K and 60fps capabilities so the quality is quite good. Based on the testing that I’ve done, the videos were very clear especially if there is a good light source but even at night with only lampposts providing light, you can still make out a decent amount of details. The story templates available on the DJI Mimo App are really cool too – with just a few clicks, you can have really complex looking videos! I just wish they made the templates a bit more customizable because some templates have random texts. The Slow Motion function is pretty funny to me. I like using this on my dog or on my friends and we always end up laughing when we review the footage. This function would be great for dramatic sequences too!

Osmo Pocket Philippines Review Product Shots and Sample Footage
It uses a Type-C Connector for charging.

The Time Lapse and Motion Lapse are two of my favorite features on the Osmo Pocket. I am looking forward to using these more because I’ve always been a fan of Long Exposure photos, especially the night time ones – there’s just something to so mysterious and energetic and sexy about it hahaha and the time lapse function will allow me to get the same-ish effect but in video form. YASSS!

When I was looking into the Osmo Pocket, one of the things I really searched for were unedited footage to see how well the gimbal performed, and how good the quality of the videos are so I thought I’d share some test footage and sample shots as well. These videos were made within a day or two of getting the OP so I worked with the default settings – I believe these were at 1080p, 50fps. I also tried to include photos taken under different lighting so you can see how it would perform. I love how stable the footage are – you can barely notice the jerky movements because the OP just made it look so seamless! I’ll try and create an updated video with more situational variety soon.

The audio quality is surprisingly good. It’s crisp, considering that I almost always have it at least an arms length away when I film and I speak softly because I am not used to the whole Vlogging thing where I walk around talking to a camera. We may get there someday… but for now this is how I do it for now. Sorry, no audio tests included in the video because I am still very shy about this whole talking to the camera business LOL. I have also tried using it in a very windy area and it was able to filter a little bit of the sound that the strong wind makes. Impressive, infairness!

The photo quality is good as well. It’s not quite to the level of my DSLR and NX Mini (duh), but it takes pretty good photos. I included some daytime and nighttime selfies on the video so you can see. It was able to capture details pretty well – notice the texture on my forehead on the night time selfie LOL. Now I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing but hey ho! 🙂

Osmo Pocket Philippines Review Product Shots and Sample Footage
Everything in the box. OsmoShield documentation were also included in the box.

However, as with any gadget, there will always be cons. After all the good things I mentioned about the Osmo Pocket, these are the things that I do not like:

  • While I love the size of the Osmo Pocket, there isn’t an option for you to mount it as is. You need a separate accessory – which is not yet available here in the Philippines – so if you want to put it on tripod or a selfie stick, you can’t do it unless you buy a 3rd party accessory mount (there are lots on Lazada) or you DIY. I get that this is small for a reason but sometimes you are in situations where mounting on a tripod is best (like for Time Lapse and Motion Lapse).
  • Which brings us to another thing that I don’t like, you need to have separate accessories to maximize the Osmo Pocket so the price jacks up a lot. These accessories are NOT cheap!!! I personally am interested in the Wi-Fi dock. Hopefully that becomes available soon. My guess is that it will be around Php3000.00 to Php5000.00 (sells in the US for $59).
  • The OP is not waterproof so if you are thinking of using the OP as your action camera for your water adventures, you will need to get the waterproof case separately.
  • You can’t test the Osmo Pocket in store because it needs to be 1) fully charged and 2) activated and updated before you can use it. You can’t just use it straight out of the box so if you have low EQ, goodluck!
  • The OP heats up pretty fast when attached to the phone. I also don’t feel comfortable operating the OP while it is attached on the phone – I am scared that because it is only connected by the Type C adaptor, that the OP could fall off and break. Que Horror!
  • If you use a chunky phone case, you won’t be able to attach the Osmo Pocket to your phone. I had to change to a thinner, sleeker phone case just to be able to attach the OP to my phone.
  • The viewing screen, while helpful, is very small and it’s hard to make out details.
  • You can’t review audio straight out of the OP because it doesn’t have Audio Output. I believe they also have an accessory coming out soon that will allow you to attach a speaker via the Type-C port on the bottom… but again, that’s an add-on.

For most people, not having a removable battery is a bad thing but I don’t think it is a problem for me. Yes, it would have been nice to have a removable battery so we can get replacements eventually but as with my phones that have built-in batteries, I don’t have a problem with it.

Osmo Pocket Philippines Review Product Shots and Sample Footage
A USB Type-C and a Lightning connector is included in the package.

So with all that being said, is it worth getting the Osmo Pocket? I say YES, but depends on what you need it for. I think it is a great vlogging camera, and I think it would also perform well if you are a beginner videographer as it is very handy, very easy to use and the functions are pretty cool – but if you live an action packed life and like taking videos in the water, or maybe even skydiving and other extreme sports, I think you are better off with a GoPro. The best thing that I like about it – well there are actually two things: the size and the stabilization. I love that it is so small and unobtrusive so you can take it everywhere. You know what they say – having the best equipment counts for nothing if you cant bring it around with you to capture the moments! I also love the gimbal stabilization because I’ve tried taking “walking” videos in the past and no matter how carefully I try to walk, the footage always ends up being way too jerky. With the OP, even running shots are smooth!

Osmo Pocket Philippines Review Product Shots and Sample Footage

So far, really happy with the Osmo Pocket and I am excited to see what content I can create using it. According to DJI Philippines, they are expecting a shipment soon so probably towards the end of February or March. The guy I spoke to at Henry’s Cameras also said they might have it available sometime in March or April. Hopefully it becomes available soon because I know a lot of my friends are interested in it!

Osmo Pocket Philippines Review Product Shots and Sample Footage

I am including some video reviews from iJustine, Jevan Dovey and The Everyday Dad here because I know I wasn’t able to go through the specs properly. These were my favourite Osmo Pocket reviews as the videos were easy to understand, precise & clear and they really helped me make a better, more informed decision

I love the fact that Jevan Dovey and The Everyday Dad created follow-up videos as well after using the Osmo Pocket for a few weeks.

Osmo Pocket Philippines Review Product Shots and Sample Footage

So there you have it. I promise to try to test it more in the coming weeks and provide an update… and hopefully by then the OP would have become more easily available for everyone here in the Philippines LOL! If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment or reach out to me on my social media – I would love to help!

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