First Look: mark. Lip Prism Lipstick by AVON


I remember back when I first started exploring and experimenting with make up, Avon was one of my go-to brands because they had a lot of good products at a really affordable price. They carried on-trend products and shades, which meant that I could try the beauty trends without breaking the bank! 

With their newest lipstick release – the Mark. Lip Prism Lipsticks by Avon – Avon is yet again making on-trend beauty more accessible for everyone. This new collection offers 10 beautiful lipstick shades ranging from Reds & Corals to Plums & Wines, to Pinks & Mauves, and Nudes, with a really pretty sheen. Each swipe gives off a beautiful shining effect due to the 4,000 prismatic pearls that shine with every move! Glosses and shimmers are slowly getting back into the mainstream after being kicked aside by the matte lipstick trend so this new collection is very exciting indeed!

I received 9 out of 10 shades and my favorites are Aura On, Interstellar Love and Blast Off – so pretty! Aura On has made it’s way to my on-the-go make up kit, while Interstellar Love has become my everyday lip color. These lipsticks are soft and creamy, and very easy to apply. I didn’t get Supernova Kiss, which appears to be an awesome violet so you bet I am going to get it from my Avon Rep LOL!

I love the scent – it kind of reminds me of a high end lipstick (Lancome)! The shimmer particles are not chunky at all and it helps make the lips look fuller! The packaging is a beautiful deep violet solid plastic with black accents. I like that it “snaps” when you close it! It feels very nice and luxurious. 


Priced at Php299 each, these are definitely worth checking out, especially if you like vibrant colors! Energy Flash is a really cool orange shade, and Reflective Scandal is a beautiful red! You can get these new mark. Lip Prism Lipstick by AVON from your friendly, neighborhood Avon Representative, or online via!

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It’s Time to Cut These Unsolicited Comments About Makeup

For most women, glamming up is second nature. It looks good, feels good, and can even bring a good bit of fun. 


However, there are still people who feel like they need to throw shade at a woman for something as routine as putting on makeup. Giving backhanded compliments is one thing, but being rude and snarky is another. And among all the unsolicited words makeup-wearing women get, these are just some that should be retired immediately:


“Do you really need all that product on your face?”
Putting on makeup can be tedious, but it is a skill that women are proud to have. All makeup products are interconnected; the process is a very personal artform for every woman. 

“Guys prefer girls that are more natural-looking.”
Society has this dated idea that women make all this effort just to be noticed by a man. But in reality, women couldn’t care less about what others think about their makeup. Putting it on takes an ample amount of time and work, and all that isn’t for anyone else but herself.

“You look totally different when you don’t have makeup on.”
Makeup is a way to transform yourself, so of course the end result looks different. After all, it’s an art for expressing different moods and emotions—regardless of what other people think.

Such is the idea behind the new mark. Lip Prism Lipstick by AVON, which encourages women to be unapologetic about their beauty. Every swipe gives you 4,000 prismatic pearls that shine with every move, creating a show stopping look that lasts for hours. It’s the perfect lipstick for when a woman wants to make a statement—the type that needs no explanation. 


This collection features the hottest colours for 2019, including coral (Energy Flash shade), the Pantone colour of the year. There are 10 saturated shades you can choose from, including different Reds & Corals, Plums & Wines, Pinks & Mauves, and Nudes. 

Put on something hot, whether you’re going out with friends or just feel like glamming up at home. It’s nobody’s business but yours. 

The mark. Lip Prism Lipstick by AVON is available through Avon Representatives, or online via Follow Avon Philippines on Facebook and Instagram to learn more.

***Press release and photos from Avon Philippines/Mullenlowe MARC.***

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