Lazada Mystery Bag Haul Colourette Cosmetics and Club Clio

Lazada Colourette and Clio Mystery Bags

A few days ago, I went on Lazada to see if they had any amazing deals I could take advantage of. You see, I have a list of products and brands that I want to try and when there’s a sale, I check if there are good deals from the brands or for products I want to try. I always try to find the best prices/deals because I do not like paying full price for anything LOL. #WaisNaShoppingera

As I was going through the site, I saw that a lot of make up brands had “Mystery Bundles”. I didn’t realize that the “Mystery Box” trend extended to beauty products – I only ever saw it from tech brands, but I thought it would be an interesting and exciting way to try new products from the brands that were on my list.


First one that I saw was the Clio Mystery Bag. They had two options – a Full Face Favorites Bag (Php650) and a Birthday Blowout Mystery Bag (Php850). I wanted to try more of Clio’s non-lip products so I opted for the Full Face Favorites bag. I already have a few lip products from Clio so I was hoping to try other things from the brand. 

Lazada Mystery Bag Haul Colourette Cosmetics and Club Clio

The listing stated that the Full Face Favorites Bag, priced at Php650, would include 4 products. I received 3 products – not 4 as stated on their listing, so I reached out to Clio and they said they will be sending the 4th item, and that I should be receiving it soon. I’ll update this when I receive the 4th product.

UPDATE: I finally received the 4th product last June 4 or 5, don’t remember exactly. They sent me the Peripera Pure Blushed Liquid Blush in the shade #1 Lively Red Tomato. Here’s a swatch video:

Here are swatches of the products I got from the Club Clio Philippines mystery bag. 😊More details here:

Posted by on Thursday, June 13, 2019

The contents of the package were, to be honest, a little underwhelming. I received two lip products and one mascara. Not exactly a recipe for a “Full Face”, no? I expected one lip product but to get two in a bag marked as a “Full Face Favorites” Mystery Bag is a tad disappointing. I was hoping there would be more variety, but I guess that’s the thing with these mystery bags – you can’t really have any expectations because you never know what you’re gonna get. Still great value though – Php650 for 4 products is a great price. Hopefully I’ll receive the 4th item soon!

Lazada Mystery Bag Haul Colourette Cosmetics and Club Clio


I have been wanting to try Colourette for a while now, especially their cheek products. I have a lipstick from them, which I got from a goodie bag, but other that that, I have only seen it on social media so when I saw that they had a Mystery Bag, I thought it would be the perfect chance to try their products. Their Large Mystery Bag was priced at Php999.00. They didn’t indicate how many products would be in the bag but the listing had good reviews and I figured it’d be a fun way to try the brand. As I was checking out, I noticed that the the Mystery Bag was going to be discounted during the Women’s Day Sale Event, so you can bet that I ended up waiting for the sale event so I could take advantage of that discount. I mean, from Php999.00, the Large Mystery Bag was discounted to Php699.30. SCORE!

Lazada Mystery Bag Haul Colourette Cosmetics and Club Clio

I received 3 Colourtints (Winter, Nia and Kelsey), 2 Coloursnaps (Milk and Woke) and 1 Lush Lips Lipstick (Sweet Maple). Six products for Php700? YASSS! All the colors are wearable too, and suitable for my skin tone. Winner winner!

Lazada Mystery Bag Haul Colourette Cosmetics and Club Clio

I did see some reviews from customers who received 6 products like I did, but I also aw some reviews from customers who only received 4. I guess it is a hit and miss, but I am very happy with the Mystery Bag that I received! Imagine, I basically paid less than Php120.00 per product – that’s over 50% discount on each item!

All in all, I think Mystery Bags/Boxes are a great way to try products from a certain brand – but you cannot have any expectations apart from what is said on the listing because anything goes with these! There are no guarantees that you will receive products that will suit your skin tone, or products that you like (I saw some people expecting to get lipsticks who got blushers instead and they were not happy about it AT ALL. LOL). You have to keep an open mind, because it really is a gamble! If you get these mystery bags/boxes hoping to get what you want/like, and get upset if you don’t then you are better off purchasing what you want directly instead of banking on hope LOL!

Lazada Mystery Bag Haul Colourette Cosmetics and Club Clio

I saw that BLK Cosmetics also have some mystery boxes/bags, as well as BYS, Ofra Cosmetics and Happy Skin, so I might try other mystery bags/boxes in the future… when there’s a Lazada Sale LOL! 🙂

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