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Hey there, Stranger!

Oh wow, where has the time gone? One minute, we were still in September and before we know it, October is almost over! My goodness!!! So here’s a quick recap of some of my September shenanigans!


Some friends and I wanted to spend time away from the City so we booked a quiet, rustic and very relaxing place in Laguna. Gabby’s Farm is beautiful and is situated away from the hustle and bustle of city life. It really made me forget the busy-ness of the city because the place is quite secluded and all you can see are luscious greens in the morning or the city lights at night. I have some footage from this trip that I need to edit – so stay tuned for that! 🙂 

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If you follow me on Instagram, you might already know that our little Beagle doggie Zoe got into some health troubles in late August/Early September. She is now back to her old, sassy, vivacious self and is keeping Chubbs on his toes! Thank you for those who sent in their well-wishes. I truly appreciate it!

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The Explore Crew went on a food adventure in Binondo! I didn’t know there were a LOT of food options there haha! I was quite overwhelmed but I also really enjoyed walking around Binondo. Check out our VLOG to see where we went!

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I attended the Project Vanity x Revlon Philippines Beauty and Bravery Talk/Event and I had a great time! I love interacting with the PV Community gals because they are just so positive and “real”! We talked about a lot of “real life” issues most women face and what we try to do to overcome those and I absolutely loved every minute of it! I vlogged about it too – check it out!

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One of the Blogger Events that I really look forward to every year is the Clozette party. From the first one I attended 3 years ago until now, I always come away from the event with so many good memories! It’s always super fun – lots of laughter, lots of photos and all amazing people! It was really nice to either reconnect with bloggers/vloggers that I haven’t seen in a while or meet people in real life that I have been online friends with for the longest time. I love being a part of Team Clozette!

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After the Clozette event, blogger friends Mhay, Chi, Martin and I had dinner to celebrate our Mumshie Mhay’s birthday! We had dinner at Friday’s, and after that had a few drinks at Oyster Bar. You know how you make friends with someone online and when you meet, it’s like they are so different from who they are in real life and it makes you wonder what is real about them and what is not? These people are NOT like that! They are exactly like how they are online and they are SO FUN to be with! We always end up laughing or making fun of each other but I think this last time we met, I think we unlocked a milestone because our conversations touched on some serious topics. We talked about life stuff – love, career, loss, etc. I no longer just consider them my online friends, but my true blue real life friends <3

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We also celebrated my Dad and my younger sister’s birthdays during the latter part of September. They are both September babies, so we had a family lunch at Matgalne. I like it there – the food is good and they have an awesome selection – just be prepared to smell like grilled food because the exhaust is not that great haha! No family photo haha because my siblings are pretty private folks and they’ll kill me if I “overshare” so I am sharing photos of my baby nephew Elijah instead hahaha! He is ADORABLE! I want to bite those cheeks hahaha! 

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One of my good friends from College invited me and another friend of ours to Ballet Manila’s 50th Anniversary celebration and I mean, who could say no to that? THE Micheal Cinco was presenting his special collection for the Anniversary, inspired by Swan Lake. The production was flawless, the set design was GORGEOUS (by Gideon Hermosa, no less) and the gowns were absolutely BREATHTAKING! Michael Cinco is truly a World-Class Artist!!! I was in awe of all the beautiful creations that walked the runway. The performance by Ballet Manila’s ensemble was amazing too! I love the precision and the art of it all – to be able to evoke emotions and tell a story through dance is something I will always enjoy!

In between those highlights were impromptu road trips because why not?! LOL! So many crazy adventures from our trips up North and further South! My friends and I just like getting in the car and getting lost somewhere. Sometimes, you just need a change of pace or a change of scenery and unfortunately, it’s not that easy especially if you have responsibilities – a job/career, family, kids, etc – so we take what we can and just have short road trips leading to nowhere but are filled with lots of insightful conversations and laughter galore. I always say – my car is a safe space. You can sing even if you sound like a frog (aka ME), you can cry, you can share the most embarrassing stories and no one will judge you. Just don’t fart without warning everyone! HAHAHAHA!

So that’s it! I hope you enjoyed this quick little recap and until next time! 🙂 



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