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Why, hello there. Did you miss me?

Brainstorming and getting my life in order. Thankful for the peace and quiet at Kasa Luntian!
Brainstorming and getting my life in order. Thankful for the peace and quiet at Kasa Luntian!

I took a step back from blogging and social media last year to focus on my offline life. More trips, more “G’s”, more opportunities to connect with friends and family. It’s funny – my busiest social year to date is the one I was very quiet online. I guess when offline life gets crazy busy, fun and sometimes hectic, you don’t really think of your online life.

Last holiday season was also the busiest holiday season I’ve ever experienced work-wise since I started working for an eCommerce company 8 years ago. Double shifts – sometimes triple – lots of phone calls, lots of coordination, lots of emails and messages. I basically only had time to sleep, cook, eat, shower then back to work it was. All my other non-work related emails fell on the wayside. Some text messages didn’t get responded to until a day after (sorry friends hahaha) and while I am typically very active on Viber and Facebook Messenger because those are the messaging platforms my friends and family use, I didn’t have much time to respond. I missed out on “chika/kalokohan time”. Working out was put on hold too. I told my coach that I would be taking a break and will come back in 2019. He said it was fine, but “diet diet ha! At takbo!” (Diet, okay? And run!)

I had fun at the 2018 HistoryCon! So many cool, vintage thingamabobs!
I had fun at the 2018 HistoryCon! So many cool, vintage thingamabobs!

So because I was so busy last December, I didn’t notice the email from my hosting provider that my hosting was about to expire and that I had 20 days to renew or else lose everything. Well, I think you can probably guess what happened – yep, I wasn’t able to renew my blog hosting and lost access to my cPanel. Basically all the content I had on my old website is now gone… forever. SHEESH. I felt quite sad about it for a day or two but you know what, I am a firm believer of “everything happens for a reason”, so while I am sad that the content I had on there is no longer available, I see this as a chance to start anew – a rebirth, so to speak. I guess it’s very timely as well because I have changed so much that I feel like my blog wasn’t “me” anymore. I used to just write about beauty but now that I am taking a step back from buying and buying and buying so many beauty products, I find that there is not much I want to or can write about. Don’t get me wrong, I still love make up, skincare and beauty bits as much as before but I also realized there are other things I like and enjoy too that I want to share with all of you. Beauty is, after all, just one of my many interests. 🙂

Beautiful pool area at Escala Tagaytay
Beautiful pool area at Escala Tagaytay!

So here we are, a new beginning for I don’t really have a strict guideline as to what I will post about (whereas before it was only about beauty) – I’d like to think of this space now as a true reflection of who I am and my various interests so expect more diversity!

To end this, I want to thank you, my dear reader, for taking the time to read through this random ramble and I hope you check back again in a few days for more. I have so many fun posts lined up that will hopefully be helpful to you guys. Exciting times ahead, for sure!!!

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